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to collaboratively and creatively

end food insecurity locally.  

Who Are We

Your voice matters as an individual, community organisation, business,  service provider, or other interested party. Join the alliance today to create more impact together. 

We exist to collaboratively and creatively end food insecurity locally.


Established in 2023 in response to the rise in need for food relief services, growing population locally, increasing number of service providers, and rising awareness from people who want to help. 

The Feed Melton Alliance is a cross-sector alliance of businesses, community organisations, service providers and passionate individuals who are uncomfortable with the status quo. 

We are looking for people who are moved to collaborate and solve big problems together. 


Help those who need it most

Reduce the over-servicing burden on providers 

to solve this tricky situation, collaboration is key.

Our vision is for the entire community to collaborate to solve community-wide issues together, where individuals and organisations are empowered to creatively approach


The vision of the alliance is of a thriving not-for-profit sector, where charities are empowered to advocate for lasting change in pursuit of their charitable purposes.

Together, the members of the Stronger Charities Alliance represent millions of Australians concerned with a wide range of issues, including education, social welfare, human rights, international development, animal welfare, the environment, health, climate change, disability rights and philanthropy.


Our organisations, the issues on which we work , and the communities that we represent are diverse, but we all share a fundamental commitment to serve the public interest.

The alliance was formerly called Hands Off Our Charities, but has changed its name to reflect a renewed focus on bringing civil society organisations back into the heart of government policy making.

Feed Melton Alliance is coordinated by The Earth Village Community Ltd. Applications for the volunteer steering committee are currently open.


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