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to collaboratively and creatively

end food insecurity locally.  

Who Are We

Your voice matters as an individual, community organisation, business,  service provider, or other interested party. Join the alliance today to create more impact together. 

​The Feed Melton Alliance is an emerging cross-sector alliance of businesses, community organisations, service providers and passionate everyday individuals who are uncomfortable with the status quo.

In response to a rising need for food relief services, a rapidly growing population in the City of Melton, overburdened and siloed local service providers, and increased awareness from people who want to help, a gathering of allies has begun.

exist to collaboratively and creatively end food insecurity locally.

vision is for
 an impactful community where individuals and organisations collaborate to creatively address systemic and immediate food security issues - together.



Help those who need it most

Strengthen local service delivery

Transform community awareness into action

Shake things up

To do this, collaboration and innovation are key.



If you are moved to participate and solve food security problems together, please express your interest.


I represent:
I'm interested because:

Thank you for your submission!

The Feed Melton Alliance is coordinated by The Earth Village Community Ltd.

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